Naturally well  Fees You will be given or sent a remedy that best matches your whole symptom picture, to stimulate your body to begin re-balancing. Initial consultation: £60 (1.5 hours) Follow-up consultations: £40 (45 - 60 minutes)  Follow ups, where required, are usually 4 - 6 weeks later. Acute ailments: £20 (25 minutes) including telephone consultations. Remedies included in above costsExtra remedies if required between appointments: £5   Rebecca Maunder Qualified Homeopath RSHom  Naturally well   naturally well  Registered with the Society of Homeopaths with homeopathy What happens in a consultation? We are all different, from our family history to our unique experiences and perceptions. During a consultation, the aim is to understand your unique pattern of reactions to stressors and susceptibility to dis-ease. You will be given the opportunity to express your symptoms, physical, mental and emotional; in a way that most suits you.   Extra questions will be asked to understand your personal experience of your symptoms. What happens next? All your symptoms are then studied to understand what is characteristic and what is uppermost.  This will enable a remedy to be selected that closely corresponds to your individual patterns and reactions.  The remedy will usually be posted to you with full instructions on how to take it.  This varies depending upon the remedy, the individual and the symptoms. Appointments at : The Serenity Centre 8 Montpelier Street Harrogate HG1 2TQ Home visits available. Monday to Friday, daytime and evening. Saturdays available if required.